If interested in our site, please contact Olivia Ray at oliviaray@ventaviaresearch.com

Ventavia Research Group is a privately owned and managed investigative site.   Comprised of qualified physicians, certified clinical research coordinators, and recruitment specialists, Ventavia is also part of the elite Platinum Research Network.

We offer the following services: 

  • Ability to conduct inpatient/outpatient trials Phases I-IV
  • Efficient turnaround time for all start-up services including, but not limited to:  Feasibility questionnaires, Regulatory packet completion, Contracts and Budgets 
  • Internal quality assurance monitoring
  • Creation of all source documentation
  • Subject recruitment strategies 
  • Network of specialized physicians to serve as Sub-Investigators for unique trials
  • Thorough FDA audit experience
  • Qualified and trained personnel (GCP, CITI, HIPAA, IATA, OSHA) 
  • GDUFA Certified
  • Large capacity -70 and -20 freezers
  • Large capacity vaccine refrigerators
  • ​24 hour emergency line/staffing
  • ​Experience in pediatric trials
  • Experience in high enrolling vaccine trials
  • ​CLIA certified laboratories
  • Staff certified in CPR